November 16, 2009


God is good! I can say this from experience! With Austin sick Thursday & Friday, I thought since the doctor thought it was H1N1, we would be layed up for a while... But Saturday morning, Austin woke up feeling good, and no temp! Just a little cough, which I only hear about 2 or 3 times a day!

Yesterday at church, my husband asked me if our youngest, Koen, felt warm. I do the lips to the forehead thing and he felt REALLY warm. I had to play drums with the Worship team so I told him, when I was done, I would drive Koen home. I did and Koen was so tired, so out of it. I gave him fever-reducers all day, but it only seemed to bring it down a little bit. Last night, he was just burning up and I decided to keep him beside me, so I could monitor him.

The hubby and I prayed over him before we went to bed, and at 11 pm, I set my alarm so I could give him more medicine, then fell asleep. At about 12:30 AM, he woke up and I felt his head (with my lips again) and his temp was perfect! Praise God!

If this was the H1N1 thing, I am glad we had a MILD version. If not, I am just glad we have been trucking right through it, no problems. Just a little lost sleep... Right now, as I am typing I have him sitting beside me falling asleep... Not without me your not!


Megan said...

PTL He's better!

Sophia's Mom said...

I'm glad to here both your boys are all better!