November 19, 2009

Look What I Have Been Doing...

I have 4 boys. When I had each of my boys, a few weeks after they were born, they would be in their own rooms, and in the middle of the night for feedings, I would walk to their rooms and feed them. I get up with them still, if they are sleep walking and can't find their way back to bed (yes! I DO have one of those!) I get up with them when they have bad dreams, or they wake up and just can't get to the bathroom fast enough!

As a mother, I think most of us would wake in the middle of the night for our children... But what about for THIS:

Yes, those are eggs. Chicken eggs. And I have been turning these babies every 6 hours. Including at 3:30 AM. This is my first try at incubating eggs, so we borrowed an incubator and don't have an automatic turner (which would be SO lovely...). So around December 7th, I hope to have me at least a few baby chicks! There are 3 different types too, so we shall see how they do!

Have you ever done this before? Please tell me I'm not the only crazy one! Crazy or not, I love our chickens!


Sara A Broers said...

Never done that one- but you know, puppies are just like kids as well. Good luck with your new babies! Your dedication will pay off.

Judson Family said...

I hope you keep us updated... Little baby chicks are super cute!!