November 30, 2009

Whew! Busy, Busy!

How was everyone's weekend? I hope you were all blessed beyond words.

I spent my Monday, running errands and catching up on some housework. Busy day! A GOOD busy...

I tell you what, I absolutely LOVE this time of year. I love having family for Thanksgiving. I love spending the whole day reflecting on all of our many blessings, WITH the family I love! I mean, I always try to make my thankfulness known to God, as much as possible, not just Sundays or whatever. But Thanksgiving is a time where we can be surrounded with those people who we are so thankful for, and also do as the Pilgrims did, and give thanks to God for the harvest! Whether, you personally harvested the food from your own garden or farm, or your family is blessed with a job that provides enough money to buy your food, it is still a harvest to give thanks for!

I also LOVE preparations for Christmas. Remember if Christmas is stressful, you aren't celebrating for the right reasons! Everything that I do, I TRY to make it all reflect God, and how He sent His Son to the Earth to be born in the lowliest of situations, in a barn! If we are screaming at cashiers at department stores about not getting a toy for our child, we need to rethink what we are doing!!! There was a time when I celebrated Christmas the wrong way, and was totally stressed. Stress doesn't stop I am afraid. Stress keeps trying to creep in to my Christmas's... Family stress, etc... But I have to reset myself, each time and point myself in the right direction again. Oh, to be facing toward the Son! What a warm and wonderful way...

So, in the weeks to come there is increasing activities... in school programs, in church get togethers, in home activity and excitement! So, we will hang in there together with encouragement. And when we need to, we will get each other pointed back in the right direction!

This week, for us has no shortage of activities! My husband has training this week, and so I have to play "Super Mom"! And this week, I will REALLY be able to see how I manage our farm on my own. Oh, and exciting new for the Friday! I am going to get my third Jacob sheep. I have talked about her before, her name is Lindsay, and she is (hopefully) bred! So, I am HOPING to have some little baby sheep born at the end of March or beginning of April! We are SO excited! I will keep posting on her as she gets bigger and then has her baby (babies)! I am praying that she keeps healthy and has her babies easily.

Our Jacob female that we already have, Myst, MAY also be pregnant. She is young, but she is in a pen with our male. And I have seen one occasion where I think they got "married", as my young sons say. So, I also pray that she stays healthy and will birth easily, IF she is actually pregnant.

So, there MAY be BABIES!!! I, of course, will keep you all updated!

Also, "Day in Our Life", coming soon...

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Sara A Broers said...

I always enjoy your blog- good luck on the new babies.