December 2, 2009

A Morning on Muddy Boots Farm

I was going to share a whole day, but I don't think you can handle a whole day. I know I can't!

First, I AM NOT a morning person. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to watch the sunrise. But I absolutely HATE to wake up when it is still dark! My husband, fortunately, IS a morning person. So usually HE is the first one up with them. I get up shortly after, because with 4 boys a house is ONLY quiet when they are sleeping, and in some rooms, it's not quiet because of the snoring and the talking in their sleep! This morning, we had eggs. We have lots of eggs again. Our new layers are starting to lay (FINALLY!). So, eggs, luckily are a favorite in our house.

Usually on of the first things I do, in the morning, is turn the eggs in the incubator! I don't have an automatic turner, so I am hoping I am not doing this in vain! But Looking at in about 5 days, HOPEFULLY seeing some new chicks. What am I going to do with them in the coldest part of Winter? Well, I guess they will get a specially spot inside the barn, with a nice cozy heating lamp... I hope they hatch, PLEASE let SOME of them hatch!

A few days a week, I take Caden to Preschool after the older two get on the bus. It has been cold jumpin' in the truck on those mornings!

When I get home from taking Caden to school, or around 9 am or so, I make my morning trip to the barn. I love actually, despite the cold, making these trips. all of the animals know me, and they are happy to see me. I open the barn door and instantly my sheep are talking to me, our one remaining lab mix pup, Jack, has jumped on my boot, and I hear my little Mille Fleur bantam chicken, Mickey, crowing at the sound of my voice. Here are the Jacobs, waiting for their turn to be let outside:

Mickey and Minnie soon make an appearance from the top of the barn, where they reside so they don't get beat up by the big chickens. I usually climb up this crazy metal ladder, check their food and water, they they usually follow me down and dig around in the hay and straw. They are the CUTEST little things...

Here is Girl dog and her pup, Jack, just let outside.

I usually open the chicken coop up, and let them out to be their crazy selves.... They run around the whole property, including my flower beds and garden areas. Not good in the Spring and Summer months...

At this time I am usually attacked by the 10 ducks that we have living on our pond. There are 5 Peking and 5 Mallard. They come up and beg for food. If i don't have any corn for them, they nibble at my boots and jeans. They are SO cute. I will get better close-ups of these guys (and gals) when I feed them tonight:

Usually, when I come back in for the morning, I am constantly running around trying to keep this little guy from getting into everything with his handy bench:

This is the only time I have PEACE, and time to get stuff done! What do you think he is doing as I type?

I DAILY dirty up my kitchen, unless I am gone to the grocery store that day or something. Today, I am multitasking. I am digging out my Christmas decor, I am making and freezing pumpkin puree, drying the seeds to use next year (want some???), AND eating lunch (lunch courtesy if leftovers from my refrigerator! Can you say FREE food?)

Well, I have about 2 hours before the boys come home, and I am going to try to get some bread baking in! I LOVE homemade bread, especially versions of THIS bread... Oh and MORE laundry... But that never stops.

So, some people think I am nutty for doing all that I do, and to that I say, OF COURSE I AM! But I also say I do this because I want to raise animals and food from a garden that is healthier for my family to consume! Do some research on how much healthier meat and eggs from a pasture fed animal is. There are SO many more vitamins in the animals and eggs I raise! I am happy to say my kids are being raised on healthy food! When I bake my on bread, YES, it only costs a buck for a loaf of bread at the store, but do you know what all is IN your bread? I know what is in mine! And have you TASTED homemade bread!? Oh MY! I am a stay-at-home mother and wife, who considers it my job to keep my family healthy and happy. I will keep busy doing it, because that is what I want to do!

I will hopefully be sharing with you the rest of my day... soon! =)

Hope you had a good day as well!

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Megan said...

Looks like a great day to me!!!