December 10, 2009


Oh my goodness! I don't know what you all have been doing these past few days, but I have been trying to winterize! It has been blowing like no one's business (like 35-55 MPH winds!), and snowing, and sleeting, and just plain ol' cold!

After this picture, it actually dropped to 4. 5 degrees:

After I dropped Caden off at Preschool this morning, I did a little lazy farming. Instead of freezing myself by walking to the barn, I drove down... Notice the temp. It's gonna be a heat wave! (that says 7 degrees...btw)

Then I did what any woman, who knows how to crochet and who freezes whenever she goes outside would do... Started to work on a scarf for myself! Next, I am going to learn how to make a hat...

I just look forward to Friday, when we get the "warm" weather (20 degrees!)! I may go without a coat that day... or not.

Are YOU staying warm? What are the temps where YOU live???


AmyMusings said...

Knit a sweater for your house!! Burrrrrrrrrrr!

MoonNStarMommy said...

We live in WI, we got 15 inches of snow about and we were under a blizzard warning for 36 hours. We've got negative temps to wake up so and single digits for highs. LOL

Jennifer said...

I would be knitting myself too if I had to go to the barn every morning in that kind of weather. We had the same storm here, but it only got down to 14 LOL, only.

prashant said...

We've got negative temps to wake up so and single digits for highs.

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