December 6, 2009

New Addition to the Muddy Boots Family... AGAIN!

Friday, we welcomed a new Jacob sheep to the family, Lindsay. Despite being penned up for the last few days (to get her used to us and to her new pen pal (haha!), Myst) I think she likes it here! The one, I think, that isn't too thrilled with the situation is the male of the bunch, Puck. He is now separated from Myst, and in a different area at night. He is a little miffed with us about that one!

Besides all of the new excitement of the new sheep, it has been CRAZY COLD around these parts!!! I HAVE to get some water warmers made for my waterers!!! If I don't, I may just go nutty... too late, I know! It's tough carrying the waterers into the house each morning and evening to thaw out the ice in them to give them new water. Plus, I just don't like to do it!!! As if I don't have enough else going on! ;)

Oh, and you know I have been faithfully turning a dozen little eggs in an incubator for the last 21 days... On Saturday night, I was in bed, and I heard a chirping noise. I thought, "where in the world is THAT coming from?" Almost writing it off in my mind, as though it were summer time and I was just hearing the birds outside of my house. Then I realized they don't do THAT this time of year! I sat up in bed, and went to check on the eggs (in my unfinished master bath.... ahhh....). I looked in the incubator to find all of the eggs were all intact! Hmmm... I read on a forum, BYC, that it is possible to hear the baby chicks chirping from INSIDE THE EGG! Amazing! And that is what I was hearing! I was SO excited! I went to bed, and woke several times and listened for the little chirping...

I wasn't expecting any eggs to hatch until Monday, which is 21 days, a full incubation period for chicken eggs. But Sunday morning I woke up to find this precious little thing chirping away inside the incubator, looking for friends:

Sunday, during the day, I heard MORE chirping! I am waiting to see what I find in the morning! I can't wait to give our little Mille Fleur a friend (or more!)!


Megan said...

Yea it worked!!


Mom of three little Princesses said...

That is AWESOME! I'm sure the boys were just as excited!