December 17, 2009

More Good Reasons to Grow Your Own Food...

As I posted yesterday, I am working at growing more of my own food. Not just for the monetary savings but for the health benefits. I just read an article that confirms, once again, that I need to be working harder than ever to grow my own food.

Read the article HERE. Lots of links to check out and read also.

It talks about a major seed company, Monsanto Seeds, taking over MOST of the seed companies in the US, and using their genetically modified chemicals on them, so they have a niche market with their roundup ready seeds. These chemicals are quickly working their ways into our milk, our fruits and veggies, our boxes of cereal, meats, soda, EVERYTHING! I'm afraid this has become a "norm"...

So, what can I do about this? This is my OWN solution, so you can do what you like, and don't do what I am doing just because I said so! Only my children have to do that!

  • Organic is safe. Whenever I CAN, I buy organic. Mind you, this is not often! It is expensive! I buy it when there is a good deal on it. What I also do, is I have a budgeted amount of money that I spend on my groceries. If I have a little leftover, or the other deals for the week just aren't that great, I may pick up something, like organic lettuce or carrots. In the future, when I have my garden, I will be saving MORE money on groceries. And what I cannot produce on my farm, I will be able to purchase more organic in the store.
  • Until I am able to purchase as much organic as I like or grow from my own garden, to help clean pesticides and such from the surfaces of fruits and veggies (ones that you actually EAT the skin of, Like tomatoes, lettuce, apples, etc), soak them for 15 minutes or more in a water/ vinegar solution. This WILL NOT make your food taste like vinegar. Vinegar is a WONDERFUL natural cleaning agent, and after you use it a while, you don't really notice the smell much.
  • Purchase from Seed Companies that are NOT producing Genetically Modified Seeds. What I am going to do is call the company! I am also going to assume that heirloom seeds are NOT modified, otherwise it would not be called a heirloom seed. Again, that is something to check on. Some companies actually say on their sites that they are free from GMO's.
  • Save your seeds! I know there is one company called Seed Savers Exchange that year to year, work on preserving seeds (like heirloom, organic seeds and more). This would be a safe company to purchase from. But we can also take a cue from this company! Once we find our safe company to buy seeds from, SAVE the seeds at harvest time, for the following year. This is not as difficult as some might believe. But, then you can also KNOW that your seeds have not been sprayed with chemicals.
  • Talk to your state and local Representatives. Write to them of your concerns. Ask them some tough questions. Maybe they don't realize that this is a big issue! First, do YOUR homework!
  • Pray. Pray for the safety of our children. Pray for the leadership of this country. Pray that we can die from old age or from the Lord's coming, and not cancer or other horrible auto-immune diseases. God DOES hear our cries!
Buying my food from the store is EASY and especially when it is on sale, it can be ALMOST as cheap as growing it yourself, without all of the "bother". But, when it comes to the health and safety of my family, I WANT to grow our own food! I love getting out in the garden and seeing what is popping up that day! It is rewarding knowing that YOU had a hand in growing delicious tomatoes! And not having to eat the weird pinkish ones that are nearly WHITE in the center, from the grocery store. God has blessed me with 2 feet and 2 hands, a mind to think, eyes to see and a heart for Him and my family. I want to use the things God has given me to bring GLORY to Him. If I am sick or my children are sick, there isn't much time to glorify God.

Panic mode is not the path to take here. Being smart and aware of what is going on is the best thing. I hope I have helped you make some better choices for a healthier garden this year!

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Judson Family said...

WE put in a small vegetable garden last summer and this year we will be putting in a fairly large Vegetable garden I am already searching for the seeds to use as I prefer Organic. I will check out the seed exchange. Great Post