March 25, 2010

From Scratch...

Boy, this week, being Spring Break for my boys, has been busy and everything has been way off our "schedule". This last weekend we had a birthday party, and this coming weekend more birthdays! And 5 birthdays to celebrate in between 9 days!

So, spending time in the kitchen has been a struggle, but I have been determined to not skip out in the kitchen.

Last weekend, I actually tried my hand at making hamburger buns! They turned out well, though I may try other recipes. The buns were big, and heavy. But good! I also made our french fries and Lemonade. Yum!

I, of course, made Grandmother Bread!

I made Yellow Cake and Brownies.

I also tried my hand at French Bread and succeeded!

For my son's birthday, he also requested Tacos, so I made out tortillas again. We LOVE these. We also have extras for leftovers! YAY! I always have to double the recipe. :)

So, what did you make this week? Please share! You can leave a link here OR a comment in the comments section. I can't wait to see what all you have made this week!


Mominin said...


I joined in this week, too.

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

While I posted this recipe a while back, my ds just made these yummy Peanut Butter Dreambars yesterday:

Anonymous said...

I will have to try the tortillas! One of my sons LOVES them! I'm getting ready to make my Tortilinni Soup (I'll show you next week). I'm making my oysters(because my oldest son who loves them is visiting) and I have decided on 2 cakes for the Big Family Birthday Party (recipes to come) YYYYYYYuuuuuuummmmmmm! Between the two of us, we could open a restaurant:)

And, yes, when you have as many boys as we have, you always double the recipe:)

Debbie said...

I am still on the From scratch journey with you, but I just have not had time to post my updates. I plan on playing catch up on these and other posts either today or tomorrow. I have not forgotten your challenge and I still visit your blog often. I hope that you have great memories as you celebrate all of the birthdays in the next few days. I also just found a recipe that looks worth trying for rainbow cupcakes. this might be good as a birthday cake also. It looks easy to make. All it takes is a white cake mix, 6 different bowls, and food coloring. You just layer the colors and bake. What fun that sounds and then the smiles it makes when they see their surprise! Anyway, have a nice week.