April 8, 2010

From Scratch...

I can hardly believe it is already Thursday! Here I was talkin' all big and bad last week about getting back to our routine ... And guess what?! NOTHIN' routine about this week! NOTHIN'! OH well, it's almost Summer, and that means I will be struggling with routine even more!

So, bad news is I didn't get to try any new recipes this week. Good news is I did get some pretty yummy-looking recipes written down to try! I cannot wait! So here is what we did this week!

  • Grandmother Bread (Wait. I know you are in shock. :)
  • Scalloped Potatoes. This recipe is great, but I need to still get a Country Gravy recipe to cover for the envelope mix that I use.
  • Deviled Eggs. Hubby loves to make these, and he made some for our Easter get-together with family.
I think that has been about it! We had Easter, and my mother-in-law didn't ask that we bring much. And the rest of the week has been full of babies and a trip to the hospital by my dad (he is OK, just stubborn). So meals have been fast, some leftovers, etc... Next week, more new recipes!!!

How did you do this week? Busy week too, or did you get a lot accomplished? Can you share what you made? You can share in the comments section or you can link up to your blog entry! Let's hear it, how'd you do?

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