April 7, 2010

More Pics of Baby Jacobs!

Being our first babies (well besides pups and chickens!), we are all enamored with these new little lives. Tonight, hubby and I just sat and watched them for quite a long time! It's just too bad the housework doesn't get automatically done, while we are in the barn!

Well, here are some more pics of our cute little Jacob sheep!

Here is the little female resting under the heat lamp:

This one is a little blurred but I thought the little butts stickin' out from nursing were precious! Their tails just jump, they are so happy while getting some milk!

Here's the little female again! I need to get a pic of the male, he looks like he has hair on the top of this head! So cute! But I think in all my pics the male is always eattin'!

Yes, the little female has a black butt! It's very cute! :)

Maybe if I get enough time, I will post video of the female being born! I am still new at the video thing, and it takes me time! So maybe, just MAYBE, I will get that up in the next few days! Until then, I'm sure I will have more pics of the Jacob babies and of the 12 puppies we have! Yes, I said 12! Seriously, anyone want a puppy!? :)

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