April 13, 2010

On the Farm

So much going on right now, I can't even keep everything straight! I will be updating our garden soon! We have planted some things and have yet to update on our seedlings in the house! I can't wait for things to pop up!

On the farm, we are enjoying all of our babies! In the last month, we have OVER doubled the size of our farm, with 15 baby chicks, 12 puppies and 3 lambs! What a blessing! We are so thankful for what God has given us. Including these cuties, that had their FIRST day outside yesterday!

Mama was SUPER protective and anytime the goats came near, she would rear up and knock 'em a good one. The babies weren't too curious yet though. I think mama kept them on a short leash! But it was good to see them in the green grass!

Our other mama and baby were still in the barn yesterday. Lindsay (pictured above) has been ramming the fence in between their pens trying to get at Myst, the other mama. She is being super protective and I was hoping she would cool herself out a little before I let the other mama and baby out. I hope to bring them out by Thursday...

Being Spring (YAY!), everything is in bloom! Including this tree. I think this is a plum tree, but not quite sure, it has never produced anything, it is still pretty small. But the flowers, oh, they are gorgeous:

That tree actually made me feel like a good photographer! :)

More pics to come on all of the craziness going on around here! Hang in there, and I promise I will keep the pics coming! How is your "homestead" coming? Anything new goin' on?

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