April 14, 2010

Garden Update!

Oh, how I have dreamed of a garden for months. And planned. And ordered my special heirloom seeds. And dreamed... (Did I say that already?)

Well, without any exciting pictures (because nothing is up yet!) I have planted potatoes (red and yellow) and I have planted lettuce and spinach. I might not have much of my lettuce left because you don't plant it deep and I think a dog came through and pushed the dirt around a bit in a part of my lettuce row... :( I also planted 30 strawberry plants. I will be spraying my apple trees tonight (hopefully!). I didn't want chemical to spray the trees and I found some people spray Lime Sulfate on their trees. So we are going to try that this year.

Here is a look at the garden and the apple trees, not yet in bloom:

Here are my tomato plants that I had planted inside. The first batch, planted on March 15th was sat on TWICE by a certain baby.... Therefore, the tomato plants died, and I had to replant them...

Here are some petunias that I did NOT have to replant. And they are growing very big! I can't wait to see them in my flower beds!

I am going to be starting some more seeds either today or tomorrow. I can't wait!!! :)

How is YOUR garden/plants coming along?


Flat Creek Farm said...

Looks like your garden project is moving along nicely! I have about 100 heirloom tomato plants that look great. I used grow lights (cheaper shop lights) and that seemed to be the trick for me. I planted larkspur in the jiffy pots as well, and I should have known they wouldn't do well - not germinating :( Maybe I shouldn't give up yet. Lettuce and sparse spinach coming up nicely in my little hot bed and the big garden is mostly tilled & awaiting attention. Happy Gardening!! -Tammy

Gaertegang said...

Feels good to get out and play in the dirt right!? I am loving every second of it!! Great job with the petunias I had no luck with the Wave Petunias I planted..I am trying the regular petunia..hoping to start them today! I understand the "little people" getting into things!! My Julia ruined several impaiens and tomatoe plants this past weekend! My hubby felt so bad (it was kinda his fault) and told me just to go buy them instead....not as much fun for me though :)

Thanks for the update!

Megan said...

They are looking great! won't be too long and you'll be planting them!! I can't wait!