May 6, 2010

From Scratch...

I hope you all have been able to enjoy some nice weather wherever you are. It's been nice here, and we've been getting a decent amount of rain to go along with it. Great for the garden! :)

I have been able to spend a little time in the kitchen this week. LITTLE. I actually had someone give us a few loaves of bread (leftover from an activity) so we didn't bake bread this week! SHOCK! But I need to either today or tomorrow...

Here are the FEW things I made this week:
  • baked oatmeal
  • graham crackers (recipe from my sister. YUM! I will share this with you soon!)
  • Weed Killer (OK- so this one isn't really kitchen either BUT it is a GREAT non-chemical weed killer. Safe enough for kids, animals or whatever! I will be sharing this recipe soon also!)
SO, how did YOU do this week? However much you did, I want to encourage you to keep on doing it! Making things from scratch is a great way to monitor sugar, salt and other items we don't need a lot of in our diets. Keep on working at keeping your family healthy, and concider making it a goal for you to try one new healthy recipe a week. I have been trying to do this myself, and I think we are definitely better for it!

Link up or share in the comments how you've done, or feel free to share a great healthy recipe! Next Monday, Healthy Camping! Share any recipes that you know that would make camping food a little healthier! (psst! This is when I share my graham cracker recipe!)

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