June 29, 2010

Mini-Vacation Pics

I'm Back!!!

And busier than ever. You leave for 5 days, and have 3x's the chore when you get back. Everything waits for you! :)

But we had a good time with my husband's family, biking, swimming, fireworks, eating, birthdays, hayride, eating, campfires, did I mention eating??? ;)

Here are a few pics that I took during our mini-vacation:

Vacation isn't complete with out sugar overloads from grandma!

We went on a hayride, which was fun. Check out the driver in this pic:Here is me, Koen and Caden on the hayride.

Then some fireworks!!! Here's Deklyn:

Here is Caden and Austin:

Now back to the ol' homestead. The weeds popped up and grew like crazy, there were storms that blew off part of the roof of our barn and off part of our chicken coop. All bedding got so wet and is now breeding bugs, got some cleaned up yesterday, more to do today! Yard waited to be mowed. Lots to do, and a birthday party to prepare for on Friday!!! Lord- give me energy!

Lots happening- more to come soon!!! :)


Sara A Broers said...

Fun times! Looks like you have having an awesome summer.

Megan said...

Great Pictures!!

All this to do and Deven is on "vacation"!

Let us know if you need anything!