July 14, 2010

Cows & Chickens- Organic Farming!

Every since we got our beef cows, I was excited about the possibilities of these being completely grass-fed, and NEARLY organic.

But during the summer, what do you do with flies???

Hubby actually bought some chemical stuff to spray on them, but then we read Apple Cider Vinegar might work. So we tried it, and I can still say it MIGHT work, can't really tell a huge difference though.

I tell you what works, and we found this on accident:


Click on any of these pics and look at the chickens eating the flies right off the faces of the cows! Not only beneficial for the cows but also for the chickens!

It's amazing how nature works when you let it!


Alicia said...

That's one of the biggest reasons I wanted chickens. To roam the horse pasture (cows are a newer addition) and search for grubs and flies.

Last year was the first year and we still had a fair amount, but this year those gals are on top of it! There are still an handful of flies, but it's next to nothing compared to past years.

Love the pictures! And I wish we had some of your grass!

Kim said...

I see those white birds eat bugs on cows al the time. I never realized chickens would do the same.
Probably because most people keep the chickens and cows seperate and never found that out.

Jennifer said...

wow, I would have never guessed. What a great idea.

Callie said...

How great is that! The ducks might help out. We used to keep the chickens and the goats together. Love the photos. Great post.