July 13, 2010

We Made It!

Yes, we made it to the fair this weekend, and have been spending lots of time there! The boys absolutely think it is the best thing EVER. I think it's a lot of work with baths every night from all of the dirt!!!

Tomorrow, is Deklyn's first shows. He will be showing his Mille Fleurs and his meat birds. I personlly think his meat birds look very good in comparison to others, maybe not winning anything but at least not bombing! :) I think Deklyn is ready too.

Then Thursday, he is showing his little goat Max. He isn't the smallest of the goats there! There are actually 2 other goats who are a TAD smaller. Max is "maxing out" at 28 lbs! Ha! Well, good first year experience right?

Check this out, we come pulling into the fair, everyone has their big trailers and big trucks hauling all of the animals and their "stuff", and here is how we pulled in:

Max is on the left, under the pine shavings. And we have the Mille Fleurs on the right on top, and the meat chickens on the right on bottom. The ol' Suburban works good but I think next year, I HOPE next year, we will need a little bigger set-up... with 2 boys in 4H and hopefully a bigger goat or 2 or 3 or 4.... :)

I will keep you all posted how things go, and I also have a post and some pics on "auto" to come up tomorrow on Organic Farming!!! :) See you soon!


Becky Jane said...

Your picture reminded me of our friends who hauled their goat in the back of their van across 2 states:) Hope all goes well! It sounds like a fun adventure!

Thanks, Becky Jane
Raising kids can be a lot like weeding the rose bed...well worth it, but...OUCH!

Anonymous said...

ha ha. That's funny. But at least you made it all fit.

We, too, are busy with 4-H this week. Fair starts today but the last week has been busy preparing exhibits and getting them to the fairgrounds. It's all fun though. We look forward to it every year.