July 2, 2010

Garden Update!

This time of year, in our neck of the woods, things are ALMOST ready, and the anticipation is horrible! I want tomatoes, and summer squash! I want green beans and corn! I can't hardly wait! I have been checking each plant DAILY... you know, just in case it decides to grow as fast as our weeds grow...

We have a GAZILLION cucumbers on the way. I can see all of them, all of about an inch long. I also am seeing a lot of the different kinds of squashes that we have. I see flowers breaking out on the green beans, so in a few weeks we should have green beans. The tomato plants have also been flowering, and I can't wait to see all of the different kinds of tomatoes that we have this year!

Potatoes are coming along VERY nicely. We did have some issues with potato bugs. I was trying to keep them picked off, but they kept coming back in droves. Hubby suggested we get some Sevin for them. But I fought it. I heard Cyanne Pepper works great on bugs on OTHER plants, so I figured I would give it a whirl. I pulled some BADLY outdated stuff from our cupboard, and sprinkled some on a few of the really bad plants. The next day, I could still see the bugs, but then the NEXT day, they were gone! Of course I didn't have enough for ALL of our plants so, I had to go to our bulk food store and get some more. This time I hit all of the plants HARD. In 2 days time, I was SUPER pleased to not see one potato bug! And they haven't come back YET.

I also found some deer track in our garden the other day. I was not happy about THAT, BUT I haven't noticed anything getting ate up. So I think the deer must have just been there for the apple trees...

Lettuce is still producing like MAD. This is the first year I have gotten to eat lettuce from our garden. I am excited about planting more soon. I also bought a rectangle shaped pot to stick in a window this Winter so I can grow lettuce indoors! YAY!

Our grapes are big and green. Now all they have to do is turn purple and we can make some grape juice and grape jelly! Yum!

For Mother's Day, the boys got me a few Blueberry bushes. These bushes are now producing a few blueberries! I can't wait until they get bigger!!! There is a place just down the road from us about 5 miles, that you can pick blueberries. I keep watching for their sign to go up!

Well, weeds are also growing ramped in our garden. Being gone for 5 days does NOT do a garden good. We got back from our mini- vacation on Sunday, and hubby left for training on Monday morning. So all week, I have been playing "catch-up". And lucky me, it all waits to get done. My boys have been a big help this week, when they had to be. Sometimes they would try to sneak off and play. I am gaining on the weeds though. A lot of rain in our area, helped them pop out and go crazy. I have about 70% of the garden done. Pulling all by hand. I truly thank God for my garden gloves. My hand would be stained for weeks if I didn't have them.

So, how are all of YOUR gardens coming along??? I hope they are doing great! What are you harvesting right now? Anything? What foods are you making with your harvest? Come on, make me hungry! :)


Gaertegang said...

We harvested carrots, sweet candy onions, and the last of the sugar snap peas today. I am going to chop them and freeze them for later use. I have been cutting zinnias for some pretty bouquets!! I had to spend all morning showing my pumpkins who was boss...they were trying to over take...well anything they could!

No luck with lettuce for me...too bitter. some bug ate all my cabbage.grrrrr!

I LOVE all the green....and now the zinnia are adding lots of fun color!

Megan said...

Over here we're harvesting green beans, lettuce, gazillion cucumbers, still a few peas, and broccoli!! A few of my cherry tomatoes are an orange color.

My inlaws also have black raspberries so we've been helping a huge harvest of those!

Can't wait for the potatoes, and tomatoes.

I'm not sure when our carrots are ready... I saw Danielle harvested some so I'll have to check on ours!!

I'm hoping to update next week. I just looked at my last pictures and the garden looks WAY different now!!

Yesterday I finished catching up on my garden weeding too! Now to relax for the HOT weekend!

Anonymous said...

I live in Alabama, so we are a little bit ahead of you in our growing season. We've can 42 quarts of string beans, 40 quarts of peas, 130 ears of corn, and several quarts of squash and okra. Right now we are picking bell peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, blueberries, watermelon, and cantalope. I've been making lots of salsa and spaghetti sauce. Yum! Yum!

Melissa said...

Your mention of many, many cucumbers made me remember my little experience from last year... the bush pickles I planted for pickling were not living up to their expectations so I robbed the little cucumbers (about 2ish inches long) and made dill pickles from them. They were so wonderful and ADDICTING! Just a thought in the event that you are overwhelmed with them. :)

Kim said...

I wish my grapes were as far along as yours. I haven't had much luck with them. I'm still hopeful. This year I finally got some vines to grow.

Becky Jane said...

Our garden is slow this year, we've harvested radishes, lettuce, strawberries. Currently we have peas which we eat right from the pod, they never make it to the freezer! Lots of raspberries and blackberries on the way...come on over!

Rose forever said...

Your garden looks great! I just harvested potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and carrots. I made some mashed potatoes and serve them with a fresh veggie salad! It taste great and perfect for my diet. I really love fresh veggies than the veggies from the grocery store. I also harvested ripe mangoes and made a shake out of it. The sweet and the sour mixed to have a yummy taste! Can’t wait for my next harvest!

crystal rose said...

Yummy grapes and I can’t wait what you will do with those grapes. I just harvested tomatoes, lettuce, squash, potatoes and cabbages. I already made a squash soup and garden salad. It all taste good. Thanks for sharing. I will wait for more until your grapes are already ripe. LOl.