July 30, 2010

Putting Up Corn!

OK- so our garden has recently been ravaged by raccoons, and the brunt of the damage has fallen on my corn. We even have a live trap set, but so far no coons. We even had our dog tied up within feet of the garden, they still had their way!

But! My mother-in-law called yesterday to ask if we needed any corn. There is an auction place not too far away that sells produce of all sorts. Mostly from the Amish in the area. And they were selling corn! YAY!

So I got 3 bushels (15 doz), and put up all of the corn (and left out about a 1 1/2 doz to eat!) last night!

Deklyn decided to line up all of the corn. This is most of it. When he filled the table, he had to start on the counter....

Here is my homestead helper! He had the muscle job!

Here was a little sneak taking off all of the kernels that were left, off the cobs...

Caught ya!

We ended up putting up 29 quarts (baggies) in the freezer. We hope to get at least that amount again, and put up even more! Hope we have the freezer space!

What have you been freezing or canning?


Christine said...

That last picture is priceless. :)

andrewodom said...

We finished out with 16 quarts of sweet corn (preserved into cream style corn). Our corn did not do so well this year so we ate our own crop but preserved that of a local farmer who raises corn for a living. Solid guy. Solid food!

As for what we are preserving this year? Here is a rundown as of 2 weeks ago:


Kathy said...

This is the first time I've canned veggies, but I tried my hand at it, with my MILs precious help. I got a GREAT deal on green beans and corn at our local Farmer's Market. My Mother gave me her pressure canner and water bath. We put up 9 pt. of Dilly Beans, 3 pt & 1 1/2 pt. of pickled okra, 18 pt. creamed corn and 12 qt. of green beans. We had some issues with the pressure canner and some of the corn may have scorched, but we'll see when we open it up to eat it. I've put in a request for a Seal A Meal or something similar, and a chest freezer. I think I'd rather freeze than can!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

Wow...look at all that corn...such a sweetheart munching on corn!

Jenny said...

This is the first year I planted corn so I have no idea what to expect (& no expectations). I have been able to can some salsa the other day. The tomatoes are coming in pretty steady now.

Kevin & Nadine said...

I've been reading your blog for some time now, and I am in total envy. I love the pics of the farm, kids, and animals. I envision my hunk of earth the same. One day....One day.

We don't have enough room for a decent stand of corn, but enough to grow for 2 meals or so. We bought ours from a local farm up the road. Nice and sweet it was.


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