September 22, 2010

Be Smart, Not Scared!

It's so easy when you start watching documentaries on how your "food" is made, and processed to just throw your hands up and say, "well, I'm gonna die some day anyways...". Or in seeing the way that commercially produced meat is raised and treated, it's easy to become a vegetarian!

And when you hear about how they have now come up with a genetically raised salmon, that is close to being approved for the masses..... Why, it just makes me mad!

So, what can we do? Our food is killing us!

There are LOTS of things you can do, whether you live on 20 acres or zero... You just have to be smart, not scared!

  • If you don't have land, raise what you can, WHERE you can! Be it on a balcony, in a window or rooftop, plant some herbs and veggies in planters!
  • If you DO have land, grow what you can. Start out with some, and as you find that you enjoy it or have more time, plant more! Don't let your flower gardens be big and beautiful, but you don't have time for veggies! It's all in priorities!
  • Make sure you look at the "Dirty Dozen" and the "Clean 15" to make sure you are able to put your money into food that NEEDS to be organic. Some foods just aren't as effected by pesticides, like bananas because of their removable thick, skin. Make sure you buy those potatoes organic!
  • You don't NEED to become Vegetarian! Shop at meat markets that DON'T ship their meat from a far... I was once in a chain grocery store and looked at the hamburger which had a sticker on it telling that it was a product of Mexico, Canada & the US! That seems SO wrong!
  • If you have land, make the investment of animals! PRODUCING ONES! Chickens, goats, sheep, cows, etc... We started out getting some for ourselves, but now are going to grow, because we have had people who want to buy from us! In doing this, PART of your investment can come back to you. Animals are SO enjoyable! You don't realize it until you have them. Don't believe me? Go visit a friend's farm, and ask them to take you along as they do their "chores". Then watch those happy animals! I wouldn't give this up!
  • Shop from the FARMER! This is the best bet yet for those without land or time to raise animals. If you can actually GO to the farm, even better. Make sure those cattle are pasture raised, make sure those chickens are free-ranged... Make sure you don't see round-up dead grass around their "natural/ organic" garden... You may not be able to grow much, but it doesn't mean you have run out of choices!
  • Cook and Bake! Don't be afraid! Something is better than nothing. Find a homemade bread or dish that you like to make... Ask a friend to show you EXACTLY how she makes those healthy casseroles! Find a few things that YOU CAN DO and DO IT! Why??? Well, you know EXACTLY what is in them... Better than store bought!

I'm sure there are MANY more great ideas I didn't mention, but the point is wherever you are, whatever your situation in life, knowing what is in beef and chicken for the super market doesn't mean you have to be scared. You DO still have choices!


rachel whetzel said...

GREAT list!!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Haha, I was just in a small store yesterday and they had the radio on. A news person was talking about the new salmon and I said outloud, "That is just disgusting! Who would eat that salmon??" I got a few glances and realized that I probably spoke my thoughts louder than I should have.

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Sorry, one more thing-
Does it ever surprise anyone that on the "Dirty Dozen/ Clean 15" list that corn is ranked as a product to NOT buy organically?? So, they're just condoning the purchase of GMO crops? Yuck.

Kim said...

Oh, my blood was boiling when I heard about the GM salmon!!! It makes me even more determined to add to our farm and be even less dependant on the grocery stores. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, my guys fam raises cattle - so we get our beef without additives or preservatives! Being educated about choices, well, really, gives more choices! Great suggestions!

Blogger said...

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