September 23, 2010

Genetically Modified Salmon

Sounds tasty, doesn't it.

Take a look at THIS ARTICLE, and look at not only the obvious health effects, but the long term effects of the environment.... It could destroy and mutate river life as we know it! Only a matter of time!



Megan Jenelle said...

Wow!! This article is very frustrating! I am very excited about starting to homestead. It seems producing our own food, is the only way to be sure our food is nutritious as God intended it to be. Thanks for the link! I will try to pass this on to others!

Vickie said...

Makes me even more anxious to get into homesteading full time! The only way we can control what's in our food is if we grow it ourselves and cook it ourselves! Eat everything as close to natural as possible! Thanks for posting ---