September 14, 2010

Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, Dessert Plate...

People often comment to me that it looks like I have a full plate! To which I reply, "Yes, my dinner plate, salad plate AND dessert plate are all very full!".

BUT, I have my down time, and the Lord knows EXACTLY when I need it, because He doesn't push me beyond what is manageable!

When you work at what you love and what you enjoy, it isn't too hard to get up and kick it in that day! I am not a morning person, but as soon as I wake up, the hugs that I get when I roll myself out of bed, are the BEST (yes, my boys wake up WAY too early!). It's hard to wake up on "the wrong side of the bed" when you have happy faces to greet you in the morning. And boy, I LOVE those little faces...

I consider my JOB all of the things that it takes to run our home, and farm smoothly. My husband works hard all day at work, and I will work hard all day at home, doing what I can to make things run as smoothly as possible.

It's hard to hate your job, when you go to the barn and all of the animals are happy to see you! I know EXACTLY what people are talking about when they talk about animals on "factory farms" not being happy.... Because if you, as a farmer (did I call myself a FARMER!?), took care, I mean GOOD care, of your animals, the animals themselves KNOW IT! Promise! They will produce better, have better health, and live longer for you! All because you ENJOY your job!

Sometimes housework can be unrewarding, because as soon as you get everything finished, you have to start all over again. BUT, someday... SOMEDAY, you WILL see reward from all of your hard work. Your children will have your good habits (believe it or not!). And I think there are a lot of people who think we live in a spic-n-span house ALL THE TIME, because when my boys see any type of mess, ANYWHERE, they say something about it! YIKES! It's embarrassing, but I do appreciate that my boys think our house is so clean!

NOTE: My house is not always spic-n-span! I have a very lived in home, but mostly clutter free and not dirty (as long as I can help it!)...

Gardening. Now weeds can seem like another never ending job. But when I go to my freezer or cupboards, and I see jars or baggies full of homegrown hard work, I am so proud! Proud that we stuck it out and made this year better than the last. Proud that we, as a family, pulled weeds, planted and cared for a garden that produced something great!

My Christian walk... Sometimes in a growing church (like we have), people can start feeling overwhelmed by taking part in a lot of areas. Pray about what you are to be doing! Don't just do things because they need bodies! DO it because you have a heart for it! Do it because you want to share the love of Jesus Christ with people! DO it because one day you want our Father to tell you, WELL DONE... People should see the glow of Christ in you instead of exhaustion!

Like I have talked about before, when you have a great helper, things become a LOT more manageable! My husband is beyond awesome. He does so much, and is such a great father. He works all day, and comes home to lend a hand with what I need done... Being "yoked" to a good spouse makes a huge difference in the "enjoyability" of your job!

So, when you fill your plate, make sure it is being filled with the things that you LOVE!

Life is busy, but it flies by when we aren't looking! How is YOUR plate(s) looking???


Jenn said...

Sarah, this is a beautiful post, I have tears in my eyes. You definately inspire me to do better at everything. It's hard sometimes to be a SAHM because it seems so unrewarding at times but your right there will definately be a reward, seeing your beautiful children grow into wonderful adults.

Renata said...

I came across your blog through homestead revival. I just want to say thanks for this post - it spoke to me! I also have my plate full (3 sons & 1 daughter) & can relate to so much you say!
Also our animals are very happy too!!!!
Have a beautiful day

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,
You are definitely a blessing to your husband and children. A true Proverbs 31 woman. God bless you and keep up the good work!
April :)