September 16, 2010

From Scratch...

It's Thursday! And starting today, we are going to be sharing again what we are making "from scratch"! I cannot WAIT to see what your making this week!

Our egg production has been down, A LOT. Let's say... to zero. ZERO. Zip. Nada... So baking our usual favorite treats, hasn't been happening. Which is a BUMMER!

BUT, I have been making this delightful new recipe, English Muffins! English Muffins are one of my FAVORITE breakfasts. I used to buy these because I didn't know that they could be made! Not by regular people anyways! And it is so simple!

I got my recipe from Happy Homemaker. Check it out HERE. The thing that takes the longest is the rise time! AND you make them on your griddle! LOVE IT!

What new and fun things are you making? Care to share??? We would LOVE to see! Link up if you can or share in the comments!!!


Becky said...

My link is for Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream. Sarah, I love the idea of sharing "From Scratch" recipes! I love your blog, too. Thank you so much!

Lisa said...

My link is for homemade pretzels... Delicious!!
Love your blog!! Have a great day!! =D

The Lucky Cowgirl said...

I will definitely try this recipe on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I've shared a link for Blueberry Streusel Muffins.
What a good way to get some new From Scratch recipes to try out!