September 9, 2010

Down on the Farm

Sorry about the small break folks! My little guy is better, and is back to his rowdy, crazy little self!Oh yeah, and he is ALMOST potty trained!!! YAY! YAAAAAAYYYY!!! Can you tell I am SO PUMPED about that?! :)

There is so much to catch up on!

First, my oldest son, I told you that he wanted to get baptized and he did it on Sunday. We were so very proud of him! And so glad that he was ready to take the step of "stepping it up" and showing people how much he loves Jesus!

Here is BEFORE:

My 3rd son, Caden lost his first tooth! He pulled his own first tooth AT SCHOOL! Here he is, milk mustache and all... He was MOSTLY excited about the money! :)

Here he is all dressed up... Park ranger? Policeman? Not quite sure...

We have been working on different things around the homestead, because it FEELS so much like Fall... Hubby was tired of looking at the dead and dying garden... SO we yanked much of what we had. Tomato plants were still producing, BUT the tomatoes were horrible! So I know not to plant those next year! Lesson learned!

We still have our sunflowers, but those will be coming out soon, before the birds get them. I'm not sure if we will dry them to eat or if those will be dried for the chickens, for a mid-Winter snack! We also have sweet peppers. Some carrots, that are JUST about done. We also have pumpkins (the pie kind!), YUM! And we have our strawberry plants that have spread like wild fire! Can't wait for THOSE next year!!!

We harvested a bunch of Winter Squash, hopefully those will be good! I have never grown them before! I should be able to just stick those in my basement (similar to a root cellar- temps are never higher than 70 or lower than 55...). I look forward to those and the potatoes! :)

With Fall on it's way, and the temps being cooler... I am already thinking about my garden next year! I KNOW I am going to do more cool weather veggies, like peas, onions, and carrots. We don't really eat peas or onions, but I think if we had them we would! We all like them, but just don't ever BUY them... hmmm... Maybe I should start on my seed order now...

Another change that is coming, is that we are going to be getting another milking goat! Her name is Black Iris. This time, I did my homework on the seller! We will hopefully get her in the next week or so! Pictures to come! :)

Also, with Fall coming up in less than 2 weeks (yikes! already?!!), I am REALLY in the mood for baking and trying new recipes! Of course, most of them (knowing me!) are for different types of bread product! :) But next Thursday, we will be starting back up with "From Scratch", where we share links or just recipes that we love! AND share what you have been making that week! I'm ready! How about you?

Still lots of great things to come! You'll want to stick around for the fun! See ya later, alligator! :D


The Apple Pie Gal said...

Those pictures are too cute! Looking forward to From Scratch!

And how AWESOME for your son 'stepping up'! You clearly trained him up right!


Megan said...

Congratulations Deklyn!!! Sorry we missed it. That's sooo exciting!!

Megan said...

Oh and I almost forgot... Congrats to Caden for his first tooth and to Koen for POTTY TRAINING!!!! Both VERY exciting too!

Anonymous said...

Good morning!
I love the idea of the From Scratch link sharing. I'll come back to check that out and take part in it.

Julie VW said...

Thanks for your blog. I so enjoy reading about your family and farm - my hubby and I are currently living the a major metropolitan city. While we enjoy many things about our little apartment, we also dream of one day having a garden, with chickens and goats.

Thanks for inspriring us!