September 24, 2010

From Scratch...

Crazy morning!  Crazy week!

Boy do I need to go to our "bulk food" store!  I'm runnin' out of EVERYTHING!

This we enjoyed a pizza crust that I made extra, and covered then stuck in the freezer!  LOVE IT!  It was SO easy!  Next time I make one pizza batch, I am going to make another to freeze!  It was a quick and easy meal!  And healthy!

Last night, I also made a small batch of apple sauce in the crock-pot.  Ooooh buddy, the smell is heavenly!  NO secret recipe, just cut up some apples then add cinnamon and a little sugar (or honey if you have it!).

A recipe is coming in this next week of a new favorite here in our household... My favorite thing about it is, I don't think you can mess it up!  :)  Love those!  And I promise, more pictures of food!!! 

So what are YOU making this week???  Share a link or tell us in the comments!

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