October 25, 2010

ANOTHER ADDITION to our Farm Family??? AND Farm Tally!

OK, I admit, reading this, I am beginning to think I have an illness...  One year ago last summer, all we had were chickens.  Like 20.  Now, well, I can't even tell you how many animals we have... 

SO the addition, well, we are going to make a 5 hour round trip to Michigan to get a new male Jacob sheep.  I KNOW we already have more males than we need here, BUT in order to keep some "clean" bloodlines, we needed to get a male that wasn't related to our girls...  We knew a year ago that this Fall we would have to get another male.  So, we are!  His name is Calvin.  And he is a 4 horned, beautiful ram. 

So I have a call in to a dear friend to see if I can borrow their livestock trailer, and I have my sister set-up to take a road trip with me!  I am hoping to get it done during the day when the boys are gone at school... Hubby is too busy this time of year with work, that he cannot go either, so 2 gals and 2- 2 year olds taking a road trip!  Sounds crazy like an adventure, RIGHT?

I will keep you updated!

Until then, I am going to count all of my animals here... because, like I said, I have no idea exactly HOW MANY animals we have...  Plus I myself, am a little curious! 

Here goes...

  • 30 layer hens and 1 rooster = 31
  • 19 broiler chicks = 19
  • 2 silkies (chickens) = 2
  • 5 mille fleur chickens = 5
  • 1 turkey = 1
  • cows = 2
  • sheep, 3 females, 4 males (counting our new guy) = 7
  • Goats, 1 wether, 4 females = 5
  • Ducks = 9
  • Dogs = 2
  • Cats (outside, barns- GREAT mousers!) = 4
  • Bees ( I don't know we can really call this an animal, plus how MANY would I count???)
OK, I THINK that's all we have!  For now!  Remember November 2nd, we are getting MORE!  :)  I will share what's coming next week...  And I just gave friend one of my goats (NOT counted in the total) and she is trading me a baby animal from HER farm...  I will share that when the time gets closer to bringing it home.

So, for now we have 57 chickens (of different types), and a total of 87 animals on our farm!  AH!  That number freaks me out a bit, BUT it doesn't seem like that much when you are here, at least to me...  :)

Well, crazy or not, we love having animals.  We love not only what healthy products they produce for our family, BUT their companionship also.  I LOVE going to the barn.  I love talking to them, and hear them "talking" back.... 

Are there any more "crazy" animals people out there???  Or  anyone on the "road to crazy"????   Don't you love it?!  :)


Alicia said...

Love seeing someone with more animals than me! hahaha Around here I'm the crazy animal person.
26 chickens (23 and 3 roos)
2 turkeys
4 dogs
2 cows
5 horses
and a horse trough "pond" with 2 large koi and about 5 good sized goldfish.
We'll be adding a few more cows in the spring, and perhaps some chickies if my Buffs decide to set on a nest or two. :)
I couldn't imagine a non-animal life. How booring and uneventful.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

We have 4 cats and a dog but we used to have a horse, a donkey and over 50 Holland Lop rabbits. I'd have more if I had the set up. I miss my rabit showing buddies. I met some great people when we used to show our rabbits.

Jennifer said...

Wow! Your farm is really expanding. And, I can tell you really enjoy it :)
Our little homestead is just beginning. We have a flock of hens and a rooster, too. Unfortunately, it looks like we lost one of our sweet barn cats to a coyote. Very sad for us all~
Next year, goats (I hope).

Kim said...

Oh that sounds like us! Last year at this time, we were still living in the garage of our new farmhouse. We moved here with 2 dogs. This spring we got chickens and the farm animal sickness took over. Now we have:
18 chickens including 1 rooster
3 dogs including 1 puppy
3 horses
3 calves
3 little piglets
1 turtle
& 1 falcon (oldest son is an apprentice falconer)
And truth is I really want a dairy goat. And I really love your Jacob's sheep. And....

Alla said...

I love seeing crazy animal people because I've had many animals for many years.I sold all of mine a year ago because I thought I was going to move but have replaced a lot of them again.
6 goats
3 calves
3 alpacas
4 angora goats
2 dogs
3 cats (barn
2 ducks
86 chickens (50 to butcher soon)
3 bunnies
And going to get some sheep soon!