October 26, 2010

A Day in the Slow Life...

Silkies and Mille Fleur in the morning...  Eatin' Breakfast
Well, I would say more like a busy day in the slow life!  I was challenged last week by Alla from Mountain Valley Farm to record MY day, A day in the slow life.  As my day started out, I realized it was ANYTHING but slow! :) 

Here goes!

6:40 am- I was awaken by my wonderful (but loud) hubby, and kids who insist on waking up WAY to early.  Daddy makes them farm fresh eggs for breakfast.  They love 'em!

7:10- The finder of lost socks, gatherer of school belongings, cleaner of 2 year olds who just didn't quite make it to the potty, settler of fights emerges from the bedroom dressed and ready to tackle my Monday morning.

7:35- Boy's Hair combed- check, teeth brushed- check, folders and backpacks ready- check, shoes on AND tied- check, money for field trip and for recorder for music- check.

7:40- Lost library book not found, and overdue and this point.  Lost somewhere in the truck... AND MY TRUCK ISN'T EVEN A MESS!

7:47- Bus Arrives.  Hallelujah. 

7:48- 8:05- Laundry to basement, loaded, started and towels folded from dryer.

Chicken Breakfast- Early AM
8:05-  Baby broilers fed, watered and a new layer of pine mulch put down in their box.  Because it has been so cold at night around here, we have had to move them BACK down to the basement....

8:08-  Grab a big drink of water.  AH! Start barn chores... Everyone is doing well, although the mille fleurs and dog were a little miffed they were all closed in the barn this morning, but happy to run outside!  Good thing I wasn't late!

8:32-  Back from barn chores.
To the mailbox in the morning...

8:35- Netflix to mailbox.  This is GREAT when you don't live near a town, and your movies are never late!

8:37- Make a phone call to a dear friend to see if I can borrow their livestock trailer for our new sheep on Thursday, while multitasking and cleaning the sink in my bathroom...

8:44- Multitask again- sit in front of the computer, blog and eat breakfast of homemade granola cereal.

9:30- Laundry again (oh, this NEVER ends).

9:45-  Make grocery list and balance check book.

10:10- Shower time!  Dress and get ready for "town".  Also get my 2 yo. ready.

11:00- Early lunch of leftover homemade chicken noodle soup over homemade mashed potatoes.Check a few blogs while eating.

11:15-  Out the door (also grab mail and let chickens out of their coop before I go)

12:52 pm-  Arrive home from Meijer, unload groceries and unpack everything.

1:15- Laundry (told you this never ends!)

1:30-  To barn-  gather eggs, mix chicken feed that I bought late last week, and add more straw to nests.... Ooh Laa Laa!  They LOVE that!
We LOVE our cozy nests!

2:20pm-  Laundry (put some things away)

2:30-  Kitchen clean-up.  Kitchen HAS to be clean before I make things in it!  Koen takes a nap!  :)

2:55-  Start baking up a storm.  Making granola cereal, bake a pumpkin to use in Pumpkin Dinner Rolls, then bake Pumpkin Dinner Rolls.

3:29-  Boys home from school!

3:45- Start Supper!

5:00- Dinner ready.  Turkey burgers on the grill and fried potatoes on the stove.  YUM!

5:20- clean-up, boys off to Boy Scouts

5:45- finish dinner rolls.

6:15-  Barn Chores.  Feed and water everyone,  make sure all of the chickens are in their coop, and close up the barn.  We got a record 24 eggs today!  So in 3 weeks of having our new HOME MIXED feed, we got 24 eggs from 30 chickens!  :)

New Chicken Mixture
6:45- Work on Junior Achievement (I am volunteering at my son's school), work on things for tomorrow morning's Bible Study (I go and study with some elderly women on Tuesday mornings)...

8:00-  Boys home, get ready for bed...  Say prayers, kiss good night, then QUIET!  Ahhh!

8:30- finish cleaning up kitchen from dinner and dinner rolls!  Load dishwasher with remaining items.  Hubby LOVES a clean kitchen in the morning...

8:50-  Check on Baby Broilers.  Clean water, feed, and more clean litter.  Thank God for the meat that is growing right now in my basement! 

9:00 pm - Sit down at the computer and try to type up SOMETHING interesting for you to read on Tuesday morning....

At this very moment, it is 10:36 pm, and After getting ready for bed, I read from 2 different versions of Bibles (Message and NIV) for at least 2 chapters each, then praise God for another productive day.  Oh, I can't wait for my pillow...

I do thank God for the willingness to achieve certain things each day.  I praise Him for the group of ladies I study with on Tuesdays, I think they like me there to help them, but I like to learn from them as well...  I praise God for each animal and for the roof over our heads.  I praise Him for my husband's job, and paycheck.  I praise Him for such a wonderful husband and for my energetic sons.  I praise Him that my body is in relatively decent health, and that He motivates me each day to do better.  I praise God for everything I have.  Not everyday is THIS busy, but most days I TRY to keep busy doing "worthwhile" things, not always do I succeed!

This is the slow life, not because it is necessarily SLOW, but because we aren't going too fast to be thankful for the simple things in life.  When you are going too fast to enjoy all that God has blessed you with, then you won't realize HOW MUCH He has blessed you with.

I am not going to tag anyone with this, but PLEASE SHARE with us if you choose to record "A Day in the Slow Life" on YOUR blog...  I encourage you to share what YOU do each day!


Alla said...

WOW! Really slow. LOL. Beautiful posting. I love reading about other peoples day and their accomplishments. It encourages me. Thanks for your participation.

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Ya know, I have been following your blog for a long time, I never leave comments. I am trying to do better at that. Love your day. You sound as tired as I feel. Laundry and my house of 6 never ends and we line dry indoors. We live in South Texas so it is still hot. Yesterday it was 90` plus with an index that felt closer to 97` So would love a cool evening. Enjoy , thanks for the pictures and a day in the not so slow, yet slow life.


Missouri Gal Nicole said...

I realized that I am lazy after reading your blog.
My kids are grown and on their own now. My hubby is retired and cleans the kitchen for me. Oh but he's got a mess today! I made homemade chicken noodle soup last night for a friend who having surgery today. I do sweep the carpets, dust and do laundry but not all the time. The rabbits have been gone over a year now, so barn chores have dwindled.
Now my life revolves around evening shows. Your life sounds much more fulfilling!

Kim said...

Life with boys is never slow. The laundry alone will keep you busy all day long!

Steph said...

Every time I read about your chickens I just want to go buy a dozen! Thanks for posting about your day - very inspirational!

Jennifer said...

Do you happen to have your chicken mixture 'recipe'?
We have 30 layers and 1 rooster. I'm looking for alternatives. We currently get Rogue Organic Feed from Azure for about $19.20/50 lb. bag. Would love to do something more 'natural'.
Where do you get your mixture, and do you think it's cheaper?

Sarah said...

Jennifer- Go to this post (http://8-muddyboots.blogspot.com/2010/10/secrets-in-feed.html) or my post on October 13th. I explain as best I can the mixture that I am using currently, and the source. I think it would probably be cheaper than your feed now, depending on what you can get the ingredients for.

Hopefully this helps!

All you other ladies, I thank you for your comments! Like I said, not everyday is THAT busy! As I started that day out, KNOWING that I was keeping track for "A Day in the SLOW Life", I laughed thinking maybe I should try another day! But I don't think actual SLOWNESS was the key here, rather the fact of not being busy with things that make no difference in our lives.

Steph- you should DEFINITELY get some chickens... :)

PS- just so you gals know, I am STILL not done with my laundry! And I did 3 more loads yesterday! I think part of our issue was we went to a campfire gathering during the weekend, and everything: jackets, and all, smelled like smoke. Normally we rewear jeans and things, but not this weekend! Only more laundry!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog sooooo much. It is so refreshing...I live in WV and can relate to the cold weather issue very well. Anyway wanted you to know that you are a blessing to me... Kathy