October 20, 2010

Beautiful Fall Morning...

This morning was absolutely beautiful.  As the past few have been...  Fall is truly beautiful.

I enjoy going to the barn in the mornings, less in the deep Winter snow, more in the warm months.  Today was no exception.

Most mornings are the same, I have a welcome crew who walk me down to the barn, all the while telling me about their need for breakfast...  It really IS the sweetest thing.  Maybe some morning soon, I will video it.

This morning was a busy morning already, and as I am stepping into the chicken coop, I noticed I hadn't slipped on my boots, but was wearing my cute shoes...  Oh well, not the first time, definitely not the last.

Broiler chicks seem to be doing alright, I think we have a few that aren't doing well though, which is to be expected.  I just hope we don't have too many that way.  We moved them outside in the brooder on Sunday, and they have been keeping toasty in there!

Being Fall, the grasses are dying off and we are having to start give some hay to our cows, sheep and goats.  We are trying to keep them as "grass-fed" so hay will be their food through the Winter, into the Spring.  They seem to be getting bigger and we DID figure their weight the other day, and on average they have been gaining 2 pounds a day, all on pasture!

Well, time to keep moving on the day!  Hope yours is beautiful too!

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