November 11, 2010

Beautiful Days...

While these beautiful days last, I am trying to get some outside work done!  It has been in the mid-60's, and by the weekend, it will be dropping to the 40's around here in Indiana.  So, on my plate today is the chicken coop!  I want to get a good cleaning done before the "stuff" freezes to the floor.  Plus the "girls" like to push hay out of their boxes, and I need to replace some of that...

Also today, I MAY be selling my two Jacob rams...  A gentleman is coming to check them out today, and may be interested in both of them.  We will see!  I hope we can sell them in time to get our goats back home.  The two little males are kind of "lost" right now.  Not really having a Home of their own.  We have them in with the little goats right now.  The space is so big for these 4, that they don't even socialize!  But when our 3 girl goats come home, we will have to put them in the same pasture, and I don't know how that will work.  May have to move the boys if they aren't gone at that time!

Also, on my plate today is HOPEFULLY some laundry.  Our septic system has been running a little slow, so we can't use anything that uses a large amount of water.  Today someone is coming to take a look at it, and hopefully today they can get that figured out without much money out of pocket! 

I have a post coming tomorrow about some classes I took through Purdue Univ. Extension office on the care of sheep and goats.  I hope to have some info that may help some of you learn some new things, just like I did!  It was great information!

Well, time to get back to work!  Are you enjoying some nice weather too?

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