November 17, 2010

Farm Goin's Ons...

I know it has been almost a week since I posted, which I try not to do!  But things around our home have been busy and around the farm have been slow.... Not much to report.  Also, not much time to report it.  I am STILL working on information that I got from the Purdue Extension office on Goats and Sheep, the classes I took a few weeks ago.  I'm sorry it is all taking so long, but life takes a front seat!

So! What has been going on?  Well, a few things, I guess.  We sold our two little Jacob rams, which I was hoping we'd be able to do instead of having to butcher them.  I know that we will do that on our farm, but I wasn't ready for these sheep to be butchered.  I guess I was just hoping to be able to have these not only as a business, but also as a conservation of these animals.  I hope we succeeded in that in this past week. 

Our front pasture now seems pretty empty.  But not for long.  We have little Max and Annie in the front pasture, and they will soon be joined by 3 other ladies!  Which should be here any day. 

Our little layers, we moved outside and they are getting along just fine!  The temps have been getting to freezing during the night, and they are all staying cozy and warm in their little hut. 

They are also sharing the hut with our broilers.  Each with their own side.  The broilers have about 2 weeks to go, I can't believe how the time has flown...  I am SO very thankful for being able to raise them and to have that meat this winter. 

Speaking of meat, it is quickly approaching Thanksgiving, and many months ago I had purchased 7 turkeys.  Today though, I only have one of them, thanks to a wild barn cat.  Now "Turkey" is like a pet.  She loves us, and we love her.  The boys all say that they won't eat any if we butcher her for Thanksgiving...  And they are kind of right, it's hard to have ONE animal, and to not get attached...  So, as much as it pains me to say it, she will probably be going to the big pan someday soon... 

 On a lighter note, my little lettuce is still growing well in the kitchen window!  It is 1+ inches now, and getting bigger!  You can tell it LOVES the sunlight!  It's all leaning in that direction.  I will maybe have to rotate the pot...  I cannot WAIT to have fresh lettuce again!

I also just got my seed catalog that I sent for.  I am already circling all of the things that interest me, and hopefully I will be ready to order the first of January!  Ooooh!  I can't wait! 

How are you all doing???


Lanie said...

We had 5 turkeys and butchered 2 this past weekend...along with 40 chickens. I must say that butchering the turkeys was much harder for us emotionally! The turkeys seem to have more personality than the chickens.

Sara A Broers said...

Looks like things are going well for you.....Love to hear that your lettuce is growing well. Am anxious to see how it turns out.

Alicia said...

Your Turkey looks like my Mrs. Turkey. We had bought two poults two springs ago. One ended up being a tom (his name was Thanksgiving, which he was and was delicious!)
But Mrs. started laying lovely large omelet eggs for us, so she was granted a reprieve. She turned into a "pet" too and would let all the little kids pet her.