November 29, 2010

Long Week

First of all, I want to apologize for being neglectful to my blog!  I actually have a couple posts started and one post that was SUPPOSED to come up last week!  But, We had the FLU run through the house last week...  And it ran through with a furry!  My husband, who is usually pretty healthy and doesn't get sick, GOT SICK!  We had one son home on Monday last week, with the flu.  Then Thursday started the snowball of everyone else, including myself!  Luckily, we didn't have any engagements until Sunday! 

In the end, everyone in my house got sick EXCEPT for the littlest one!  Which is ironic, because he is a thumb-sucker.  And he is into EVERYTHING. 

But, we thank God for healthy bodies, and quick recoveries. 

So, I will go back and revise anything that needs revised and I will be posting later today, one of those posts that was supposed to come out last week!  Check back!

See You very soon!!!!  :) 


Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Look forward to seeing your posts. That flu is bad this year. My BFF and her family had it as well. Glad you are feeling better!

Kim said...

Oh, we had it run through our house over the holiday too. Everyone got it! I guess we really needed some down time because that is all that we did over our 4 days off.