November 29, 2010

Our Girls are Here!

Well, after a month and a half, we finally got our Sophie back, along with our 2 new goats!  If you remember, we took them to be bred at a near by farm.  And now, I HOPE they are all three "with kids"... hehehe!

Here is a pic of our little and BIG ladies:

From left to right: Sophie, Padme` and Iris

They are all very sweet, and I look forward to many gallons of milk from them!  :)

Speaking of that, I have researching goat's milk soap and natural soap recipes, and I SO want to make soap!  I think with as fast as we use soap around this place, it would definitely be worth the effort!  Any of you make soap before?  Any tips?

Well, it feels good to once again have milk goats in the barn.  And it will be nice to have their fresh milk in our fridge!  Now we look forward to the end of February for BABIES!!!


Toodie said...

I do hope the gals are with kid ;-)
I had pigmys some years ago but hear more about meat goat. I never tasted it and wondered. Goat milk soap is wonderful! Your goats look very happy.

Anonymous said...

When I read the the title I thought you were alluding to the fact that you did indeed adopt "some girls" guess i thought that since you briefly asked for prayer some time back should we still be praying for that situation? If so I will pray during my next quiet time with the lord