January 21, 2011


With highs in the teens and lows in the single digits, I could SO easily hibernate!Animals on our farm all snuggle down in their beds.  The chickens don't leave the "warmth" of their coop or barn.  Everyone else stays in their "homes" and don't leave unless they hear me coming.  Then they come out and make their noises, so I feed them faster...

Then after they chow down most of what I brought them, they head back to their little warm areas.  I won't see them wandering in the pasture.  Sometimes you will see the sheep, but my hubby figured out that they don't like WIND.  So, if there is wind, you WON'T see the sheep either!

So, right now I need to work myself up and BUNDLE myself up to go outside.  Once I am out there, I am usually fine, with the exception of my freezing fingers.  All those buckets of water back and forth get those gloves WET and not too enjoyable when it is so cold out!  Then I LOVE coming back in to stand in front of the fire.  Ahh!  SO warm! 

Hope you are all staying warm! 


City Sister said...

your sheep look so nice and woolie...My chickens are having fun playing in their hay and trying to eat snow right now.

Sarah Beth said...

Just found your blog. Super cute! Check mine out myredbarnrevival.blogspot.com

Zev said...

Four boys! Good luck with that!