January 18, 2011

Country Gal, Big City

As I sit in front of my computer this morning, my boys are enjoying another 2 hour delay (NOW CANCELED!  Ugh!).  It is a little warmer out this morning, but we had some freezing rain last night....  Oh I can't wait for the Spring, the green grass, plowing my garden, picking those first strawberries...

But until then, my family has been planning our trip to Florida.  I have been planning a trip for about 2 years, and this last Spring, my husband's family decided they were able to go also.

So, now here I am, dreaming of warmer weather....  And it is actually within my reach!  So, how does a country gal leave the country for a week and enjoy time in a "big city"?  Well, luckily I actually LOVE to VISIT bigger cities.  My hubby, uh, not so much...  You have to "mentally prepare" him for months in advance to be able to make the trip.  He doesn't like crowds and when you have crowds and are toting 4 kids, it CAN be a little nerve racking!

We have some good friends from our church who are going to be lovin' on our farm babies, while we are away.  They themselves are a 4H family and if they had more land, I think they would have many more animals also.  Right now they have chickens, rabbits and dogs!  I appreciate their willingness to drive to our home 2 times each day to care for our babies.  Thanks Carrie & family!!!  <3

As of today, we have 9 days until we leave to DRIVE to Florida.  Approximate drive time = 17 hours.  And we are driving straight through!  We will be leaving when my sons get out from school and driving straight through to get there about 8 AM!  Can we do it?  YEAH we can!

From about age 12 to college age, my family of 7 would drive yearly to Florida in a small minivan.  Every seat was filled, under the seats, and no roof carriers!  We even took a lot of our own food to save money!  How did my mom do it?  Well, planning, planning, planning...  And a lot of smart packing!

So, we've washed the poo off of our sandals and packed them away in our suitcases... (hehehehe!)   We are ready to take a trip to the big city for some warmth and definitely some fun with family.  Next Friday, you will start to see my posts HERE, at I See Kissimmee.  Daily I will have posts on there telling what our family did, where we ate, and how much fun we had!  Along with lots of pics! 

Until then, you will still see posts from me here...  So keep coming back to watch our farm life...  :)

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Sara A Broers said...

You will have a wonderful vacation~ I also can't wait for Spring! Your drive will be great...you will be so pumped and the fact that the weather will be much warmer is an incentive to keep driving in itself! Spring seems a ways away with all of this ice/snow! But, I do know it is out there somewhere!