January 7, 2011

On the Farm

I hope all of you are having a great New Year! My #3 son was born on New Year's Eve, and he just turned 6!  Caden is my sweet little man that loves to be a big helper.  So a late Happy Birthday to him! 

On the farm, we got rid of all of the ice!  It all melted off and was only muddy for about a day.  Which is very do-able!  Then it froze up again, and was very nice!  The night before last night, it started to snow again.  And now we have a thin layer of snow on the ground. 

Our Farm, this morning

Temps have been in the teens at night and the 20's during the day.  I can deal with that as long as it isn't windy!  We had some windy days, and combined with the cold, it was NOT nice to work in!  In fact, it is hard to BREATHE in!  Ugg! 

All of the animals are doing good, and we have been getting more eggs!  Even though it has been so cold, and many people in our neck of the woods aren't getting many eggs right now.  Our feed seems to be working well, and I am going to keep mixing that up for them as long as it works!  Prices did just go up at the mill again, so there is a bit of a pinch, but hopefully with egg production UP, we can make up for some of that...

Our baby Layers

Our baby layers are still in a "brooder", but when I open the gate to it in the morning and evening, they LOVE to come roaming outside.  So while I do chores, they wonder around outside.  And DON'T want to come back in when I'm done!  We actually also have some meat chickens still!  They are almost 14 weeks old!  They are ready to be butchered in 8 weeks, and usually die when they get to a certain age, because things just start giving out.  Hopefully their life is a testament to how good of care they are getting!!  My hubby has been going out and butchering 4-6 at a time, but it is just SO cold, and some of them were a bit smaller, so we are letting them eat to get a bit bigger.  The ones we butchered last week, the one was so big that I couldn't fit it in a gallon baggie.  So we cooked it up for supper.  The meat was still very good!  There are 4 more, I think, to butcher.  And they are currently living with the baby layers.  Everyone seems to be getting along just fine!

Puck, our Jacob male, is getting HUGE!
Well, instead of just chatting about it, I need to get out and take care of them this morning!  Time to bundle up!  Brrrr!  It's a chilly, SNOWY 18 degrees out right now!  :)


Kimberly said...

we're closing on our little farm next week!!!

Alicia said...

Puck looks awesome! And happy late birthday to Caden!

Asia said...

Great blog and loiving the musice background..will be following your blog and look forward to new post