March 18, 2011

More BABIES! Turkeys!

Well, this week wasn't the BEST week to get turkeys, but that is when they came in for 4H, so we will take them!  Like so many of the baby poultry we get here on our farm, we start them in our basement.  Reason is that this IS Indiana, and the temps get really low and CAN get a little warmer...  But they fluctuate so much, that if we want to limit the loss of lives, we will keep them where there are no drafts and constant heat = basement!

Like I said we got these little turkeys for 4H.  And we got 6 of them.  I would LOVE to raise turkeys, we actually eat a LOT of turkey burger.  So in our quest to be able to eat healthier and be able to eat what we have raised, I would LOVE to raise them on a regular basis...

These little guys are 5 days old today, and super friendly.  I love turkeys! 

Do YOU have any turkeys???


Toodie said...

Your turkey babies are so cute. I wish I could have ah couple. Have fun!

Jenn said...

We raise turkey's for 4H and also for meat. We get 12 each spring and then butcher between 6-8 of them. This lasts us the year.

Love your blog and just added you to my list of blogs!