March 17, 2011

So Much Happening at Once!!!

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I posted last, I WILL become better! 

So much has been happening since then!  Last Friday we added another baby goat  to our family!  Iris, our black Nubian, had her baby!  She only had one, which surprised me, because in the past she has had triplets.  But we were good with it because we just had the 4 from Sophie!  Iris had a little girl!  I named her Daisy.  She's a sweetheart...

Proud Mom, Black Iris and baby Daisy, 2 days old
 Because Daisy was a single baby, I wanted to try to make sure she stayed warm.  So I tool one of my hubby's old socks that was developing a hole in it and I made her a little sweater!  I cut it in the house, so when I got it on her, I realized it SHOULD have been bigger but, it kept her warmer...  But when I put that thing on her, she acted like she could hardly walk.  She kept falling over and eventually hung her head so low, as though she were thoroughly ashamed. 

Daisy does NOT like her Sock Sweater!
 BUT, after a while, she got used to it and wandered around again with the big goats...

Isn't she cute?

Close-up of baby Daisy, 2 days old
 Sophie's babies have been doing really well.  Up until yesterday, we still had the one little guy in our home.  But I was afraid he wouldn't get to learn much of what he needed to from other goats.  I mean, he pretty much thought he was one of the HUMAN family!  Plus his little legs FINALLY healed up and were doing what they were supposed to!

We re-joined him with his mother and siblings, and SO far everything is going well... He has now learned to play fight bumping heads....  Big fun!

Here are some pics from a few days ago of some of Sophie's 3 that weren't in the house...

Sophie's babies- Grace (left) and Buddy

Sophie's babies all tuckered out from playing!
The little black and white female on the bottom of the last pic is Sunny. 

They are all doing so great and I have been loving the experience of having babies on the farm again!!!  I have been milking a little bit on Iris, because she doesn't have enough babies to relieve the milk supply.  On the weekend, we will probably be separating the babies from the mom's and bottle feeding all of them...  It took me an hour to do chores this morning, only having to bottle feed ONE.  It may be taking a bit more time in the future!!! 

Padme, our other little female that is possibly bred, looks as though she COULD have a baby or so, but we will have to see.  She could have a baby any day, but it may also be another few weeks.  We don't have the exact date from the lady where we had them bred.  So we will just have to keep and eye out!

I will be bringing you MORE pics really soon!


Ann said...

WOW!!!! You have had a LOT going on - no wonder you have no time to post! I appreciate seeing all the new life - thanks for posting when you can!!!! No pressure! :-)

Kim said...

Such cute babies. Our bottle babies that we purchased have gotten faster with their bottles and chug them down in no time now. Bet your boys will love to help too!