April 5, 2011

Pictures From Our Goat Pens

 So we've been having a good time with all of our goat babies...  As you remember Sophie had 4 and Iris had 1.  And the babies are now 3 weeks old!  They are getting so big!

So I thought I would share some pics from these precious little guys (and girls!).

Koen and I are getting ready to go down and feed Charlie.  You might remember Charlie was the little fella that we had in our house because he couldn't walk for almost a week after he was born. 

 Little Charlie LOVES his bottle!  Here Koen and I are feeding him...  He's even got milk all over his face! 

Iris's little girl is getting big, and she's super sweet...  Her name is Daisy.  She loves to lay her head up against you when you scratch that special spot under her jaw... 

Here are all of Sophie's babies!  She hasn't bonded with poor Charlie, but we keep him in the pen so he can learn things from the other goats.  Top right side is baby number one, you remember him with the heart???  His name is Buddy.   The little brown and white is Grace, she is a cutie.  Then the black and white is Sunny.  She is calm and loving, probably the most loving of all of this "batch".  Then the one to the left (brown) is Charlie...

This is little Grace.  She is sweet and active.  She loves attention....  Just look at that little face!

Our 2 little males will be 4H goats.  Our little females will be for milking.  Their mother's were already good milkers and their fathers are from "Star Milker" lines....  I'm still new to MILKING goats so I know Star Milker is a good thing, but that's it. 

We probably wont keep all of the females, but maybe sell them as milkers this Fall or maybe next year. 

Coming soon, we will be putting the babies out to pasture for the first time!  I always love this time....  The babies are a little timid, BUT LOVE it after they spend a few minutes out. 

Have a beautiful day!!!


Anonymous said...

Cute post! Love seeing other children with their little "milk bottles"!

Our Daisy is due in 7 days now, loved seeing your kids!

A Mini Begining said...

Cute pics! Brings me back to when I was a kid and used to feed my little goat with a milk bottle.

Jill @ The Prairie Homestead said...

Nothing cuter than a bunch of goat babies! We are sure having fun with ours this year- some of them could almost be twins to yours- they look very similiar! Thanks for sharing your cute babies with the Homestead Barn Hop!

lusi said...

Aaaww so sweet!
Lusi x

pilgrimscottage said...

How cute! I do so like goats. We just got our milking goats and I'm brand new to it.

Savories of Life said...

wow! I lvoe the goat pictures as these are one of my favrite aniamls. Check me out.