June 18, 2011

Pictures from the Farm

 I know I have been MIA lately....  So I am giving you a few pictures from the last week.  We have been so busy (despite the chillier temps) with weeding garden, strawberries, we even sheered ONE of our sheep...

We are busy, but I am enjoying it.  It is rewarding!  Having those berries in the freezer, knowing that the garden is producing when the grocery bill is tight.  And the harvest, Mmmm mmmm mmmm!!!  Delicious! 

On to the pictures!

Our beef cattle

Our ducks by the pond

Some of our goat babies

Our Jacob Sheep Mommy, Lindsay

Lindsay's daughter, Charlotte

Puck- Before Haircut

Puck- After Haircut

My Jacob Sheep Girls
 Two of our ducks hatched their own babies...  And they are super cute.  So are the boys in these pictures... :)

Boys and Baby Ducks

Koen & Baby Duck

Caden & Baby Duck
Hope you enjoyed these for now...  I WILL be back soon.  I want to hear how the Clothesline Challenge has gone for each of you!  That will come up in the next few days...  Get your electric (or gas) bills out and be ready to share on Monday!  Also, how is your garden doing???  I can't wait to hear AND to show you ours also...

More later!


Jennifer said...

So cute! Your farm is amazing. We are hoping to get chickens soon. Just trying to find somewhere that will sell us Buckeye chicks in early August. Proving to be much more difficult than I thought.

pilgrimscottage said...

Boys and ducklings are definitely cute together! I don't have a dryer for the last few months and it does make a difference in electric bill just hanging out those clothes.

Anonymous said...

While I have been a lifelong line dryer (yup, even have frozen laundry pictures to prove it) I am hoping that cutting off the tv servcie (cable) will drop my electric bill by at least 20%.
Of course we needed to run the fans full blast for a couple days, but that was a necessity!

Jenn said...

Clothesline Challenge is going great. My goal is to completely stop using my dryer but I'm not sure hubby and kids will be able to tolerate crispy towels! I tried adding vinegar to rinse cycle, any other ideas? Any way, I think the bearings are going out on our 14 yr old dryer. I told hubby I'll just keep using line and he said "we'll see when the snow starts flying". I tell ya he's no fun!!!

Corinna said...

what a picturesque farm! those boys will have amazing childhood memories.

and thanks for the prompt to find more energy saving techniques... I live in the city right now, so it isn't particularly feasible, but I would love to make the switch, at least for sheets and towels- would love to learn more about how to line dry properly :)


~Dawn~ said...

Love your farm! Just started following your blog.

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