January 14, 2009

Answer: Guess that Vacation!

It looks like we had a right answer!

It was Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom in front of Mickie's House!

Thank you Life at the Circus for the right answer!

If you look at the boy's shirts, cute as they both are, I must say, you can see a Mickie Mouse on them (as Jessica mentioned). You can also see on of the Chip-n-Dale Chipmunks in the reflection on the window, from a sign across the "road".

Here is a info & picture of Mickie's House on the WDW web site, go HERE. If you are family, you know this is my absolute favorite. My boys want to go again so bad, my husband likes it but doesn't like the mega crowds that go on when we have went in the past (Spring Break or Christmas). Going during a slower time is a better idea, and you could enjoy so much more.

If you ever get a chance, GO! Kids LOVE it, well, I'm pretty much a kid too... We will be going again soon. We already have my hubby's and my tickets, and we are going to be purchasing 2 more kids tickets soon!

Florida weather sounds really good right now. It is 4 degrees at my house, 41 at Mickie's House. It is supposed to get up to 64 degrees there today, while at my house, we have a Wind Chill Warning and a high of 11 today.

I wonder if Mickie would just let us crash at his house for a few days... You know to thaw out and to get rid of a few colds in the Florida sunshine...

Well, I thought that was pretty fun! I will get another picture on here tomorrow... We will see how good you all are! =)


Joy ☺ said...

I want to go on vacation with you! :)

LifeAtTheCircus said...

WAHOO!! I won!! How exciting!
I'd love to take our kids there someday.

(that is the prize, right? you guess the location, you get an all expense paid trip to that location) :-)