January 28, 2009

Guess that Vacation!

It is time again to post some pictures from my family's (or my, as a young chick) vacations.

This is back in the day when we has 2 boys, and one in the oven. Here are some pics:

For the picture (above) I will give you a hint, and say 'ice cream'.
The place below is also in the same area, but not the same place:

And then this picture is one of our little family, I like the pic:

Any guesses? This is a tough one!


Genesa said...

I wish I could guess,but no clue. It looks very cool though,can't wait to find out where it is!

Joy ☺ said...

Your hair looks so shiny in the family pic!
I'm gonna guess someplace like Wisconsin. OH wait, that's CHEESE. You said ICE CREAM. What about Holland Michigan? Do they make ice cream?
I can tell you one thing? You went in 2004!

Megan said...

Thanks to Shawn remembering a clue I have a guess.

Is it this place..

In Utica, Ohio??

If so it looks like it's only about 45 min - 1 hour away from where our vacation is....maybe an icecream run in our future.

Okay so tell me I'm totally WRONG, I can handle it!!