January 30, 2009


I had posted about Swagbucks on my other blog, but now I wanted to use this as an opportunity to tell you here also!

10 days ago, I read about something called Swagbucks on Money Saving Mom. I looked into it a little, and it looked like a decent opportunity to earn a little money towards whatever, and not really have to do much, and not have to commit to anything. So, 10 days ago, I downloaded the swagbucks search bar to the top of my internet screen. I asked my husband to do all of his internet searches through there and I have also. When you do searched on their search engine (which checks Google and Ask.com), they randomly hand out "swagbucks". With these Swagbucks, you can get an e-card for Amazon.com, Starbucks, you can go shopping in their electronics section, and on and on. It's not a huge moneymaker, but it is as good as a really good coupon. And I love that!

So, like I said for 10 days now we have been doing our regular searches through the swagbucks search. And as of this morning, I have 24 swagbucks! That means in another week or so, I may be able to earn a $5. e-card to Amazon.com. If I earn 2 of those a month ($10.), I can get some decent things from Amazon! This Christmas I ordered about 3 books for the boys that could I could have used Swagbucks on! Money Saving Mom got a juicer from Amazon with HER swagbucks!

Also, if you tell other people about swagbucks and they go through YOU to download a bar for themselves, you can also earn swagbucks for that! I'm excited to see how much I can do for not a lot of work.

If you are interested in trying it out also, go HERE, and start doing your searches. Like I said I didn't give them an address or phone #. They just need your e-mail. And when it is time to redeem your swagbucks they send an e-card through the internet. Cool, huh? Try it out, and tell me what you think!

Search & Win


Joy ☺ said...

You know, the word SWAG reminds me of pirates. And I've always wanted to be a pirate.

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