March 23, 2009

Mother of the Year? I Think Not...

As you saw on Friday, it was my baby's first birthday. He does not know how to walk yet. In fact, he just learned how to crawl about 2 weeks ago. And since then, I have had plants (my new seedlings) pulled down off tables and dirt everywhere. I have had many a free magazine destroyed. Store envelopes, ready for shopping trips, dumped and valuable coupons left behind. He has ate many wood pellets from our stove (basically pressed saw dust), I guess he has got his fiber in on those days...

Well, in preparation for Party time on Friday, I was busy trying to get things done. I took baby Koen upstairs with me, and set him on the floor with me in the back bedroom, where I actually have my sewing stuff. I needed to throw together a costume in like 3 hours, per my oldest son's request. (This was a combined party for baby Koen & Deklyn). Deklyn wanted Magic Tree House Party, so I decided we would all dress up like someone from another place or time (just like in the books). I had an idea to make a skirt to be a prairie woman. So, as I said, I put my son down and picked up some fabric. I draped it around me to see if it was long enough (I didn't want to do too much work!), that one didn't work, so I picked up another. Then I heard it, thump, thump, thump... I thought what was that? Then I heard a cry, the cry of my baby! I ran, and there at the bottom of the steps was my boy. Crying.

I ran to him, crying myself. I picked him up, and got a juice bottle to settle him. I gave him the bottle, and he drank it. Praying, I looked his body over and there were a few scrapes on his head, and a bruise starting on his knee. But, after he was finished with his bottle he started crying crawling around like nothing happened! I started crying again. Thank you Jesus! I need to get out the baby gate!!! I'm not used to a crawler yet!

But, the rest of the evening happened with out much of a hitch... I did forget to de-thaw the meat for the tacos, but other then that, everything went great!

Here are some pics of my (wonderful, forgiving, wonderful) family:

Koen was Mickey Mouse, his favorite:

I love birthdays!


Genesa said...

Looks like a great party! It's great that the adults dressed up too! I'm glad Koen wasn't hurt, that happened to Brie once too. (it was a short short staircase thankfully)

Megan said...

Looks like a fun party!

I think those bumps just officially welcome little Koen to being a toddler!! So glad he's okay!!

Joy ☺ said...

Oh Sarah! How scary that he fell down the stairs! I cry each time Dawson gets hurt. (and each time I lock him in a freezing car lol) Your party was awesome! Looks like it was a huge hit! You are so creative. :)