February 21, 2010

Don't Forget...

Lots of great stuff starting to happen. I just wanted to give you all a reminder this week of some things coming up!

Don't forget to set some goals this week, and try to make some stuff from scratch! It can be a side, a snack, or a whole meal! Whatever it is, please share on Thursday! Don't forget to take pictures and post on your blog, or at least share in detail in the comments on Thursday!

Also, on my other blog, one week from Monday, we will be starting to Spring Clean together! Starting tomorrow on Beautiful2God, I will give a brief rundown of dates, rooms, and what we need to accomplish in those rooms. Of course everyone's home vary, so tailor this to what YOU need! So join us this Monday for the low down!

This and more, coming up! See you later! :)


Debbie said...

I want to know how you do it all? I was laying in bed this morning thinking, "How does Sarah have 4 boys who are around my childrens ages, have chickens, plan a large garden, soon to have bees, and make most things from scratch?" I am inspired by your blog and encouraged that you visited my little blog. Motherhood is a journey and I am still trying to figure out how to be faithful where God has placed me. YOu were right when you said that in the beginning from scratch is difficult, making due with what you have and changing your mind set. Just this week, we had no butter and I was reading By The Shores of Silver Lake and Laura was explaining to Mrs. Boast how she made sourdough biscuits when she had very little milk and no butter. These books have been very inspiring to me as we have chosen to read through them this school year. My husband is from Indiana and we live in upstate NY where the growing season is short and the winter is long. I want to start a garden also, so I am inspired by your planning post on gardening. I just don't have a place that receives much sun due to the many trees. I am considering raised bed gardening with a fence around it because we have LOTS of deer and bear who love our yard. How did you get started in all of this homesteading stuff? I will take any advice you can offer. I am trying to be as frugal as possible. My husband and I was just talking this morning and I said to him that I wanted him to buy a gun and find someone to teach him how to hunt since we have plenty of wild life around here.

Sarah said...

Debbie- I am definitely no super mom. There is a lot to do, and I actually DO have down time! My hubby helps a LOT and so do the boys. I have chore charts for them when they get home from school, one boy gathers eggs, one boy feed and waters that goats, and one boy feeds and waters the dogs. They also help set the table, clear the table, and sweep the kitchen. They clean their rooms and the hallway outside of their rooms, they haul dirty laundry from all over the house down to the basement (laundry area). They each have 3-4 things they do each evening, and it helps SO much. Hubby likes helping with the dishes after supper! During the day, I don't feel like I get much done, because of running around after a 2 yo. But I write down what I need to accomplish each day, and TRY to check everything off my list. I NEVER get everything done. But that is OK with me. My house isn't perfect, but it's lived in.

I have a motivation of doing the best for my family that I can. I want them to look back and think how much I loved them! I want to make my husband proud, and ultimately God proud. I take my job as a mother seriously, and I have things in my mind that I need to do to be the wife/mother I want to be. I don't leave the house much during the week. In order to get the things done I need to. I grocery shop one day, I also have boys' things in the evenings as well as church things. But day times, I rarely leave.

Homesteading is a slow process and we still have a ways to go! Starting slow is the way to go! You try to make a quick change, you're gonna throw everyone off. If the change is slow, it's "do-able". Day by day. Making things from scratch is one recipe at a time, maybe one recipe a week. Just do it slow. Introduce one new thing each week. if no one likes it scrap it and start over. If you come back tomorrow for the "From Scratch" segment, you will see my flop this week! You learn by doing. I learn a lot from messing up! And that's ok! At least I feel like I am learning!

Thanks so much for the encouragement today. I look forward to hearing how you grow in your process too! Keep sharing! :)

Debbie said...

Thank you. That is a helpful reminder today. My husband just reminded me when I was frustrated about not moving any further in my memory verses that I have memorized 6 verses in a row already and that life is not a race, it is the turtle who won the race, not the rabbit. I count it a joy that I have little helpers and that we learned how to make some things from scratch this week in the kitchen. I needed to hear that it is just one step at a time and that it is okay to not get everything on my list accomplished many days, but to keep working at it each day. Today, I am going to plod further along on the apron that I am making for my oldest daughter and maybe put some well over-due patches on some jeans.