February 19, 2010

Tip of the Week- Canning/ Freezing Supplies

One thing I love, is great tips. Tips on cleaning, on cooking, on gardening, crafts, saving money, etc, etc... So, every week, I will try to post a good tip! It may be something like, change your undies everyday, in case you get into a wreck... or it may be better (Oh, I pray they are better than that!).

If you would also like to leave a tip, for now I am going to ask that you leave it in the comments section, then next week, if we have a good turn out, I will put a linky section on here.

So, here is my tip this week:

Get prepared for canning season early! Things like Sure-Gel RARELY go on sale or have coupons, neither do other canning supplies. Strawberry season for us (in Indiana) is in June, so if I want to make strawberry jam, I need to have lots of Sure-Gel! If I buy it all at once, it could get a bit pricey on my grocery bill, but if I start buying one a week, it won't be so bad! Also, Sure-Gel usually has far off expiration dates, so you really CAN'T overbuy...

Same with jars and lids. If you need to just purchase more lids or lids and jars, it is a good idea to start now. Buy a little here and there. Spread that cost out! This could also go for freezer bags, sugar, or any other supplies that you are going to need starting in the spring. Also, think about what you are going to be freezing from the garden, and when!

I thank my hubby for this great tip. He has seen the $3.xx price tag for one box of Sure-Gel and he said we should start buying now. Last year, we bought all at once and it was expensive!

So, start buying early!


Anonymous said...

I got great deals on my canning jars last spring at Menards! They had some great prices on other canning supplies too. As for the Sure-Jel. A lady at my church gets hers in bulk at E&S and says it is a whole lot cheaper. I have not verified the savings yet but definitely something I will check the next time I am there.
It is a great idea though to keep sugar and freezer bags in mind to stock pile for this harvest! Good point!

Anonymous said...

I get my pectin in bulk at Pacific Pectin on the internet. Much better price. If anyone can get it in bulk, just use 1/3 cup per recipe. I saved an insert from the boxed stuff for recipe reference.