December 1, 2010

Getting All Decorated for Christmas...

Right now, I am sitting in the midst of a MESS!  Since we were all sick over the long Thanksgiving weekend, we didn't get to do any decorating, but TODAY my friends, TODAY is the day! 

I am moving furniture and sweeping under everything, dusting and such...  I don't like to bring new things in on a bunch of dust/ dirt!  So, here I sit, on my "lunch break"... ;)

We will also be getting our tree tonight I hope!  We go to a Christmas tree farm that is about 5 miles from our home.  Very nice family.  We also LOVE the smell of pine!  They also plant hundreds, if not thousands of trees each year.  And hubby has gotten baby trees to plant on our farm the last few years. 

To add to the "Christmas-y" feel here in Indiana, it is snowing, and has been all morning.  It's colder than, well, something really cold.... :)  And it wasn't "fun" doing chores this morning, but everyone was glad too see the ice off of their water!  YES!  It is COLD!  The snow seems to be sticking too!  The boys are loving it, I'm sure!

Well, lunch break is nearly over (I'm such a stickler!), so I better get busy!  Pictures of my beautiful mess will come soon, as well as more pics from the farm.  Until then, have a WARM and beautiful day!

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