December 3, 2010

DO It Yourself, Waterer Heaters

Last year, you MAY remember I posted a link for making your own waterer heaters.  I was reminded of this, when our chicken's water started to freeze this last week.  My husband asked if we still had those heaters.  And as far as I knew, we did.  Hubby found them, and they are STILL in great working condition!  Even after storing them in our barn this whole year!

We put it under our NEW chicken waterer, which is a metal one...

And it works great.  So far, with temps reaching to the near teens, I have yet to go down and find I have to chip the water out of their waterer. 

To find information on how to make your own waterer, go through my link HERE.

This year, we replaced the bulb, but didn't have to replace anything else! These, of course, are for smaller waterers.  But I have also used them under waterers for my sheep, the waterers were larger, and when it got REALLY cold out, it didn't work as well.  It works the best if you can get the same circumference of tin as your waterer....

Hope you enjoy this idea, and have as much fun making one of these as I did! 

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Toodie said...

My hubby made one last weekend just like the one you made. It works great! I hope you have a wonderful week my friend.