January 17, 2011

Poor Turkey...

Well, if I hadn't shared it before, our Turkey made it through Thanksgiving and is still with us!  She is a sweet thing and has been enjoying the snow! 

Until about a week and a half ago...  Not sure what happened but Turkey must have gotten stepped on by the goats or something and wasn't able to walk anymore.  My husband's first thought was that he was going to have to cull him, but like a few other animals that we have had, I just wanted to wait and see what's going on with them.  She can still MOVE her leg, but she just couldn't stand on it or walk on it. 

On Friday of last week, she started to stand on it, but still couldn't walk too well on it.  So we are waiting to see how she is going to do.  Don't know if it was/ is dislocated.....  but not sure either how to fix a dislocated leg of a turkey!  If she doesn't get better, we are going to have to do what we are gonna have to do, because it isn't fair for her to be kept around suffering because we don't want to get rid of her. 

I am just hoping she gets better! 

Walking to the barn

As for the rest of the farm, it's just slow.  COLD, and slow.  Not much excitement.  I just look forward to the warmth of Spring and Summer! 


Anonymous said...

Poor Turkey - I really hope his leg heals quickly - don't know how to fix a turkey leg either:(

Sonja said...

Oh, so sorry. :( Sure hope she gets better and quick. I love your fluffy little kitty! Looks like a good mouser. :)